Novice pack

$ 2.99

$ 24.99



Begin your journey through the world of Eternal Magic with the Novice Pack! Elirs, useful consumables, gold, backpack and warehouse extensions, as well as the mighty Wasteland Sabertooth mount... Not just young heroes but even battle-hardened and seasoned defenders of Terrasia will find the items on this list quite helpful! 

Please note that the pack can only be purchased once per account and therefore its contents may only be sent to one character.


- Elirs x500

- Wasteland Sabertooth mount (30 days)

- Gold x3000

- Backpack x3

- Storage x3  

- Tactics guidebook x10  

- Nature Goddess’s Potion x30 

- Lucky coin x10

- Clara’s notes x5


Valuable currency, used to make purchases from the in-game store. Elirs are shared between all characters on the account.  

Useful consumables

Gold is a universal currency accepted by most traders across all of Terrasia, while Tactics guidebooks and Clara's note on magic will help your character quickly master their skills. Nature Goddess’s potions can be used more often than normal elixirs and Lucky coins allow your character to receive additional rewards upon clearing instances and dungeons. Most useful of all, backpack and warehouse extending items will let you carry around and store even more resources and rare artifacts! 

Wasteland Sabertooth mount

Tamed by brave Terrasian adventurers, these saber-toothed beasts faithfully serve their new masters.