Coming soon to Steam - wishlist the game now to receive a gift!







Promotion period

Promotion is valid until the official release of the game on Steam.

Terms of participation

Any user with an active Steam account can participate.

Whos, whats, and hows

1. Both players accessing the game via Steam and 101XP Game Center will be able to claim the reward;

2. At least 3750 users need to wishlist the game to unlock the first tier of rewards;

3. The more users wishlist the game before it is released, the higher the final value of the gift will be. For instance, once the total number of participants reaches 3750, everyone will be guaranteed to receive the "Bronze Chest" rewards. Then, if the game will find its way into 7500 wishlists, "Silver Chest" rewards will also be granted in addition to the contents of the "Bronze Chest".

When will the rewards be delivered?

1. Users accessing the game via 101XP Game Center will receive the gift on the day of the game's official Steam launch. The items will be issued to all characters created before that moment;

2. Users who have started playing Eternal Magic on Steam after the official release on the said platform will receive gifts in two stages:

I. Stage one will see the delivery of rewards to all characters created within 24 hours since the official Steam release;

II. During stage two, the remaining rewards will be gradually issued to all characters created after the initial 24 hours have passed, but no later than 168 hours (7 days) since the official Steam release. Any character, that for whatever reason haven't claimed their gift during stage one, will receive the rewards during stage two.

Please note that the game will only be available on Steam in English.

Promotion end date may be subject to change.