Welcome to the Starlight forest!


Heroes! The miracles don’t stop to happen! Check out what’s waiting for you in Terrasia.

First things first - 70 level is now available!

New area - Starlight forest

Set off on a fascinating journey around a brand new location! Reach 65 level to receive an interesting quest, that is going to lead you to the Starlight forest. The area is divided into two main locations: Elven lands and Temple of Souls. On this location you will take part in a new story quest! Elves and Soul Savants are looking forward to your help.

Immerse into a fascinating adventure and face many challenges that you will have to go through alone, only with your loyal pet by your side. Forces of darkness are going to try to drag you into it's side, be careful! Dark angel Saitan is waiting for you in the end of the path. Will you manage to defeat him?..


During your journey you will meet two factions, accept their quest and improve their attitude to you. Elves and Soul Savants will give you daily quests and you will enhance your reputation by completing them.
NPC in Elven lands and Temple of Souls will help you with that. In Eternal Magic reputation is divided into five levels: indifferent, friendly, trust and worship.
Reach certain levels of reputation and unblock new branches of dialogues with NPC, receive awesome rewards and brand new items will appear in the shop. When the reputation reaches "worship" level, you will be able to purchase and exclusive mount from one of the factions.

Divine spark

The Divine spark system has been upgraded and now you can reach the second level, so you may become even stronger.
The improvement of Divine Spark will increase your character’s characteristics, however, the improvements will cost you even more, but it’s worth it!
Don’t forget that everything does come with a price: to maintain the character’s parameters on the same level, you have to continue enhancing your equipment - find new items in the dungeons, upgrade runes.


When you upgrade your characteristics and reach the second level of Divine Spark you will be directed to Tot, the master of relics. Tot will give you a chain of quests, complete it and you will be rewarded with a chest. Choose one of the two offered relics. Choose wisely, because you won’t be able to change it again.
The relic is a part of your equipment, a new slot is going to be opened. The relic will randomly raise a character's attributes. Moreover, it gives you one active skill, choose carefully the skill that you definitely need.

Terrasia is waiting for you!



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