Have you ever experienced "tank envy"?


Have you ever envied that one friend playing as the Knight? Or maybe wanted to try yourself in the role of a Mage? Perhaps you dream about starting a new character of a different class, but don't feel like going through the process of leveling them up? Well, here comes a fresh winter update - let's see if it offers a solution to this conundrum!

Arena Season Four

The new season of the Arena starts this Friday, on February 12th, and the Arena Store has already been updated! It's time to fight new opponents and climb to the top of the leaderboard to claim the upgraded rewards. Fight for the title of the Hero of the Arena!

Revamped Master-2 Mechanics

In order to become the Master-2 of random heroic instances, you will no longer be required to attain a specific level of spirit and tactical training. In case you have already received the Master-1 qualification, you will only need to pass an exam in either damage dealing, healing, or tanking, by visiting Tammy the Master Instructor in Vallund (927, 1125).

By passing the exam, you will become Master-2 until the end of the current Heroic Instance Season. Please note that you will be required to retake the exam at the start of the next season!

Regardless of the type of the exam passed, you will be able to perform any role in the squad. Please note that, unlike Master-1 players, Master-2 cannot become an apprentice nor use keys in random instances.

Changing Class

Players will now be able change their character’s class! 

Talk to Jobb, the Class Changing Master to get started. You can find him at the Mentors' Square in Vallund (894, 1305). He will require a fee of 600 Elirs for his services.

Class change requirements:

- Level 60+;
- Have at least two empty slots in your inventory;
- All items must be unequipped before switching to another class.

If these conditions are met, you can start the process of changing your character’s class. Simply select a class other than your current one and confirm your choice. You can change your character’s class once every 24 hours.
Note that you won't be able to change your class from 2:00 until 5:00 AM, server time.

It’s also important to note that, upon changing your character’s class:

- PVP talents/stats will be reset, and all resources spent on them will be compensated via the in-game mail;
- Phantom of the Opera, Arena, as well as all other class-specific ratings will be reset;
- All skills will have to be learned anew;
- While friendship levels with other character will be preserved, the points accumulated at the current level of friendship will be reset;
- Your Divine Weapon (such as the Will of Ares Ring) will be transformed to suit the new class and its upgrades will be reset;
- Equipment compensation will be sent to your character via in-game mail in the form of Hero Tokens of the previous season. The exact contents of the gift depend on the individual server’s progress.

Extracting Runes

Rune Expert Uman Fry in Vallund Square now offers new services, such as Rune Extraction. You can now remove previously inlaid runes from your equipment without sacrificing them, so that they can immediately be reused again.

Extracting runes requires special items known as Runes Extractors, which can be purchased from the in-game store for 5 Elirs apiece. The exact number of the Extractors needed for the procedure depends on the level of a specific rune.

Transforming Runes and Stigmatas 

Another new dialogue option you will notice while talking to the Rune Expert Uman Fry in Vallund Square is Rune Transformation.

This feature allows you to interchange the following types of runes:

- Runes of Strength, Agility, and Intelligence;
- Runes of Physical and Magical attack power.

Runes retain their level as well as any type of upgrades they underwent before transformation. If you are transforming higher quality runes, you will need to pay an additional fee in gold due to the difference in the cost of the runes at the shopping center.

Stigmata Master Airin in Vallund Square now also offers to perform Stigmata Transformation.

Any common stigmata can be directly transformed into another type that has not yet been inlaid. The stigmata also retains previous upgrades, but an additional gold fee will be required for higher level stigmatas.

Temporary Bag

You might notice additional slots that have appeared on the right side of your inventory window, entitled Temporary Bag. These slots are restricted to high-quality equipment you received in various instances. Any equipment picked up in dungeons, dropped by mobs and bosses, obtained from mail, etc. will be automatically stored in the Temporary Bag.

All other categories of items (materials, consumables, quest rewards, store purchases) will, as before, be stored in the regular backpack. Temporary Bag contents can be dragged into the regular inventory, but no items can be manually stored in the Temporary Bag.

In addition, Temporary Bag has a built-in “Dismantle” button, meaning that you will no longer have to look for special NPCs to get rid of excessive equipment. Simply click the “Dismantle” button in the bag, and the equipment dismantling window will open, allowing you to disassemble items from both inventories! All resources obtained for dismantling will be put into your character’s regular backpack.

The number of Temporary Bag slots can also be increased. Temporary Bag can be minimized and expanded again with the arrow button placed on the right border of the main inventory.

Hidden Mystery Book

A new tab has appeared in the Exhibit menu which contains a list of all ancient obelisks, demonic altars, magic nodes, as well as cryptid types you encountered. Clicking on any of the items will immediately take you to its location.

Already completed challenges will be marked as such.

If you do not see the Exhibit menu in the lower part of the GUI by the Gear icon, don’t worry - it becomes available the moment you find one of the three secret quests, or from the moment you find one of the objects listed above.

Misc Changes and Fixes

- Fixed the appearance of the wagon in daytime Adynar;
- Fixed the issue with a story mission in Starlight Forest;
- Fixed an issue with the Spellblade's Burnt Domain set;
- Multiple localization improvements and fixes.

Vallund has also been  festively decorated for the upcoming events. More on this in our followup posts and articles!

Hurry up, adventures await!


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