Summer fever


It’s the middle of the summer in Vallund. Time to participate in special events against the backdrop of the sultry sun, white sand, and verdant palm trees! Invite your friends and earn valuable rewards together!

Fresh Summer

Event ends at 5:00 AM on August 9 (server time)
Level requirements: level 30 and higher

Find Shanni at the fountain on one of Vallund’s main plazas and finish her new questline to unlock a special action that will allow you to lay down and relax at the beach, as well as gain access to a special store where you can exchange the event’s currency - Ice Cubes - for valuable items.

Ice Cubes can be obtained in various ways:

- by finishing Patrol Quests (2 Ice Cubes per day);
- by hunting bosses (2 Ice Cubes per day);
- clearing Heroic instances (1 Ice Cube per clearance, up to 20 Ice Cubes per day);
* Note that you will receive an additional Ice Cube upon clearing a Heroic instance for every player with an active Summer Veteran title in the party (given to every player who has returned to the game during the event after 28 or more days of absence);
- by consuming event-specific soft drinks such as Homemade and Pineapple Lemonades. Two players can mix their drinks together to make a random level Summer Cocktail that will yield even more Ice Cubes upon consumption (4, 5, 6, and 9 Ice Cubes for level 1, 2, 3, and 4 cocktails respectively)!
* Up to 35 Ice Cubes can be collected every day.

Summer Comeback

Event ends at 5:00 AM on August 9 (server time)
Level requirements: level 50 and higher

If you have been absent from the game for at least 28 days prior to the beginning of this event, now is the time to make a glorious comeback! Accumulate daily activity points to progress to the final stage and claim the most valuable items, such as a special title and a 30 days mount - the illustrious Cyan Windracer!

Complete special tasks for adding friends and chatting in private messages to receive the title of the Summer Hero and a 30 days long attack power bonus!

Additionally, clearing Heroic instances with an active Summer Veteran title, while the Fresh Summer event is available, will yield an extra Ice Cube to you an all other members of your party.

Miracle Treasure Chest

Available until July 31 23:59 (server time)

During the weeks of the event, this special chest can be purchased from the in-game store for only 49 elirs!

Open it for a chance to receive a unique mount - the Indigo Firebird! A thing of beauty by itself, this winged creature also has a special ability to summons spectacular whirlwinds around its rider (cosmetic effect only).

The chest may also contain a variety of other useful items. Opening it will yield one of the following:
- Indigo Firebird;
- Blizzard mount;
- Cryptid spirit;
- Relic spirit;
- Prayer stones x10;
- Dream fragments x30;
- Pet set reset crystal;
- Elven tears x10;
- Special soul stone x3;
- Pendant stats reset crystal x2;
- Crimson lightning ether rune;
- Triad potion x10;
- Reverie crystal;
- Bright ash x2;
- Red rose;
- Charge crystal;
- Golden card x5 (grants a random card and a Luck point in Cards of Fate);
- Lucky coin x2;
- Nature Godess's potion x15;
- Explorer coupons x10;
- Leonkur medals x5;
- Defense crystal.

Seasonal Deals

Big cup of sugar-free lemonade with a 50% discount for 50 elirs.
Includes Ice Cubes x20.

Large cup of sugar-free lemonade with a 30% discount for 209 elirs.
Includes Ice Cubes x60.

Summer Hot Pack with a 90% discount for 19 elirs.
Includes Lvl. 3 Spirit Stones x5 and Memory Crystals x18.

Summer Cool Pack with a 50% discount for 328 elirs.
Includes Elven Tears x20 and Memory Crystals x50.

Summer Wind Pack with a 30% discount for 139 elirs.
Includes Lvl. 3 Spirit Stones x5 and Initial Pure Spirit x1.

Sun Protection Pack with a 30% discount for 399 elirs.
Includes Lvl. 3 Spirit Stones x5 and Enhancement Talisman x1.

Additional Stigmata sets

Players now have the option to unlock additional Stigmata sets and then freely switch between them on the go. Doing so will require a special Expansion set that is available for purchase at the in-game store. Up to 6 Stigmata sets can be unlocked on the same character.
Expansion set can be purchased for 600 elirs each.


- Numerous localization improvements;
- Fixed an issue with the Spellblade’s “Supreme Pants” equipment item;
- Fixed an issue with the Spellblade’s “Burned Domain” set of equipment;
- Fixed an issue with the Savants’ arena quest in Starlight Forest.

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Get ready - this summer will be hot!


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