Spring Update Overview, Part I - Pet Merging


While the upcoming update is being tested and finalized before the official release, we would like to make information regarding the new mechanics it will add into the game available to players worldwide in a series of short articles. To start things off, let's take a closer look at the long-awaited feature - the Pet Merging!

Players will be able to merge their pets together in order to create even more powerful companions. To do so, find a friend with a suitable pet, choose the corresponding option from the player menu, then select a pet of your own you would like to merge. If the other player agrees to the transaction, both of you will receive a second generation pet with a different color scheme and potentially greater stats than those of its parents.

Note that every pet can only be merged 3 times: you will receive additional merging attempts when the pet reached levels 50, 60, and finally level 70.
For the merging to work, the pets need to belong to the same group: both must be either normal or transformed pets. As a result you will receive either a normal or a transformed pets with a different color scheme. Оf course, the pet you merge will not be lost and will remain in your possession. Therefore, before merging make sure that you have at least 1 free pet slot in order to receive the offspring.

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