Spellblade class description


Ancient magical power courses through the blades of the warriors who have mastered the elements of ice and fire. Spellblades’ flaming swords burn enemies to ashes, and the chill of their souls protects themselves and allies from even the deadliest of blows. Never underestimate a Spellblade’s versatility!

Difficulty: 5 out of 5
Role: defense / mag. melee
Armor type: cloth

Spellblades can focus on either fire or ice offensive spells, combine them, or act as a full-fledged tank with Frost Armor, which increases armor and threat level, as well as significantly improving certain basic abilities, allowing the caster to freeze their enemies solid.

Basic attack skills of Spellblades are tied to their swords: Flame Blade or Frost Blade, Crushing Ice or Bursting Fire, Frozen Lightning or Fire Blast — an experienced Spellblade skillfully combines elemental powers during battle.

Spellblade’s awakening skills inflict crushing AoE fire damage. With the focus on Frost Armor, a Spellblade can cover their entire group, summoning a projection of a titanic ice sword that reduces incoming damage and restores health!

Spellblades have many useful skills for any situation: Northern Lights emit a bright flash, revealing and stunning invisible characters, while Flame Plate can be used to remove all negative effects and debuffs. Upon receiving elemental damage, the passive skill of Elemental Adaptation reduces subsequent damage with the same elemental attribute.

Spellblade is nimbler and more agile than a Mage and is better at spell-casting than any Knight, yet doesn’t suffer heavy armor movement speed penalty. His attacks are unpredictable and therefore - extremely dangerous. Combining fiery offensive abilities, defensive ice spells, and unmatched fencing skills, the Spellblade is able to emerge victorious in any fight!

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