Soul Realm


Heroes! The monsters of the Soul Realm pose a new challenge. Make your way to the top floor and conquer the leaderboards!
Grab a cup of your favorite beverage, and let’s take a closer look at the latest update.

Soul Realm

A new instance has appeared in the game - the Soul Realm, available to characters of level 60 and higher. Talk to Nite the Scientist to start exploring. He can be found standing in Vallund at coordinates (1014, 1013). Upon completing a short questline, the weird old man will give you 15 Bronze Soul Realm Keys, which will come in handy in the new dungeon.

The instance itself requires you to form/join a squad of 5 to conquer multiple levels (floors). You could go at it alone, but keep in mind - this is going to be anything but a cakewalk!

You will initially have access to 56 floors, but over time their number and difficulty will increase. Each of the Soul Realm floors will require you to kill a certain number of monsters to fill the progress bar before the timer runs out. In addition to mobs, the floors are littered with dangerous obstacles. Observant adventurers can also find mysterious chests, which, when opened, grants a temporary boost… or they can turn out to be just another trap.

Upon a successful run, you can move to the next floor with the help of teleportation stones. On every 4th level, a boss will be waiting for you. Having defeated the big bad, you will save your dungeon progress for this season and can then start from the next floor if you leave the dungeon early or fail one of the later levels. Use the newly summoned portal to get to the next floor after killing the boss. You don't have to immediately continue your journey though and can choose the option to retake the challenge. This will allow you to tackle the previous four stages again and even defeat the same boss (a new Bronze Soul Realm Chest Key will drop, but the Amolites will not).

You will receive 2 Amolites for completing normal levels and 3 Amolites for defeating bosses. The boss can consist of just one strong opponent or several elite monsters. After killing each boss, a Bronze Chest appears, which can be opened with the corresponding key. Bronze Keys can be purchased with Amolites from Nite in advance or received as a reward for squad performance. The Bronze Chests may yield Soul Realm equipment and useful resources.

After killing a boss, there is also a small chance that you will find a Diamond Soul Realm Chest in your inventory, which can be opened with a corresponding key. You can get a Diamond Soul Realm Chest Key from the accumulated Merit dungeon rewards, squad performance rewards, or buy it directly from the Elir Store. This chest is temporary and will disappear if it isn’t opened within the next 12 hours. Of course, higher quality resources can be obtained from a Diamond Chest than from a regular bronze one.

One last note: the new instance includes an enemy power-up system that utilizes seasonal affixes (modifiers tied to the current dungeon season) as well as special floor effects - up to 3 random effects can be active at once. Some of them can even give your characters a boost or weaken them considerably.

Book of Souls

A special item, called the “Book of Souls”, is available in the Soul Realm. This tome is filled with Defense, Attack, and Support power-up cards. Every few levels, the player will be asked to choose a card from the three currently on offer. The cards have color quality indicators and they can be Green, Blue, and Purple. The higher the quality, the better the power-up effect will be.

The book is reset and has to be filled from scratch again after clearing a certain number of levels. The next reset level can be learned by opening the Book - simply click the icon at the bottom of the dungeon details window. You can also see your current cards and read through their effects here. Note that the book will be reset if you leave the dungeon.

Dungeon Ratings

The dungeon has a rating system that determines the total amount of rewards received at the end of the current season. Every season lasts 2 weeks - from 12:00 on one Friday to 04:00 on another, server time.

The squad leaderboard sends out rewards every 2 weeks at the end of the season. Please note that only officially registered squads are included in the ratings. You can register your squad in the separate tab of the same menu as Arena and Nightmare squads.

The individual leaderboard awards items based on personal results achieved during the past three seasons every 6 weeks.

Diamond Chests issued as part of rating rewards can be opened without a key.

Soul Realm Shops

Nite keeps two stores where you can buy goods with the resources obtained in Soul Realm, such as Amolites and Abyss Fragments. Amolites are earned by clearing individual dungeon floors. Abyss Fragments are obtained by dismantling Soul Realm equipment (10 fragments per item).

Soul Realm equipment

Soul Realm equipment can be obtained from Soul Realm chests, both Bronze and Diamond. All such gear has 1 permanent and up to 3 random effects. Random effects are color-coded into Green, Blue, and Purple quality. The higher the quality, the stronger the effect.

In addition to standard equipment enhancements performed by Master Arasal, it can also be improved by a new character named Arutaya, who is standing just next to Arasal in Vallund Square. He has two options available:


Improving the quality of Soul Realm equipment requires special resources (purchased from Nite or dropped from the realm chests), plus two equipment pieces of the same type. If you do not have a second item of the same kind then it can be replaced with a special resource called the Soul Realm Guise. Upgrading an equipment item will enhance its effects marked with the "the effect depends on the quality" inscription.


Refining a piece of Soul Real equipment allows you to reroll its random effects, changing both their type and quality (color). The procedure requires 1 Refining Crystal (sold by Nite, at the Elir Store, and also dropped from chests), plus a certain number of Silver. There are 3 types of crystals: Refining Crystal (Green), Initial Refining Crystal (Blue), Elite Refining Crystal (Purple). The better the crystal, the higher the chance of getting a stronger effect will be.

Upon using a Crystal, you will have to either confirm the updated list of effects or cancel the operation. In addition, using Initial and Supreme Crystals raises the Luck bar by 50 and 150 points, respectively. Once Luck is maxed out, you can then use the free Lucky Refinement option, which guarantees 3 blue or purple effects. This will, however, reset the Luck bar back to zero.

New at the Store

Several useful items have been added to the in-game Elir Store.

Diamond Soul Realm Chest Key

Used to open a Diamond Soul Realm Chest.

Perfect Alloy

Used to upgrade Soul Realm equipment.

Initial Refining Crystal 

Used to add new effects to Soul Realm equipment, and also grants 50 Luck points.

Elite Refining Crystal

Used to add new effects to Soul Realm equipment, and also grants 150 Luck points.

Spring of Life, Spring of Dawn

One increases stamina by 50 for 1 hour, the other increases intelligence, strength and agility by 50 for 1 hour.

Supreme Steel Stone, Supreme Fire Stone, Supreme Ice Stone, Supreme Wind Stone, Supreme Light Stone

Increases the damage dealt by your pet with the corresponding element by 5% for 4 seconds.

Misc Changes

1. Daylight Saving Time is now in effect on EU and NA servers. The clock has been moved forward by 1 hour.

2. Level 4 Divine Spark is now available. Like before, it can be rolled back by one level. Unlocks in S11.

3. Patrol Quests have returned to their standard form.

4. By default, all bosses have one full HP bar. If you wish, you can now turn on multiple HP bars. To do this, go to "Gameplay" - "HP bars" and check the "Show all HP bars" box.

5. An additional item panel has been added. You can minimize or expand it, and also swap items with the bottom panel using the buttons on the left.

6. Added auto-use option for Stigmata Crystals and Stigmata Minerals. Open the auto-use menu by clicking the arrow next to the "one-click combat" button.

In the near future, you will receive pleasant surprises via in-game mail in gratitude for your patience during lengthy technical work. We apologize and wish you all a good game!


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