Single game client for your convenience



We are pleased to announce that on this day the Russian and English versions of the game will be merged together into a single game client. From now on, all in-game content will be simultaneously released for RU and EN versions alike, and neither of them will lag behind in updates and events! 

Additionally, most regional locks on in-game servers have been lifted. Please note, however, that the entrance to certain servers will still be limited by the client’s current language settings. You may only be able to access the RU server “Atria” while using the Russian version of the client, while access to the EU server “Andromeda” and the NA server “Sagittarius” will be restricted to the users of the English version of the client.

When you first start the game, the default language selection depends on the user’s current system language settings. If your OS is using Russian by default, the game will start in Russian. Any other system language settings will currently default to English. 

Upon launching the game, you will now see the "Language" option on the server selection screen and will be able to switch freely between the EN/RU versions. Should you choose to adjust these settings, the application will need to restart for the changes to take effect.

Also, the game has been made multiple localization fixes.

The maintenance is over. The servers are available. We give you a small pleasant gift in order to brighten up today's expectation. It will come during the day.

Terrasia is waiting for you!


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