Server maintenance on December 2


UPD. The maintenance is over!


1. Implemented multiple localization fixes and improvements.
2. Fixed an issue with PvP talents that disabled the Assassin class stealth abilities.
3. Fixed an issue with the instant purchase and use button (equipment rune enhancement).
4. Fixed an issue with the central sphere not spawning on the Ruins of Anatolia battlefield.
5. Fixed an issue with the Lost Empire disappearing from the battlefield map rotation.
6. Fixed a number of issues related to the flag on the Mount Razilla battlefield, such as players being able to carry the flag while riding a mount or a glitch that occurred upon the flag-bearer's death.
7. Fixed an issue with the carts failing to spawn every 15 minutes in Adynar. 

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience. Gifts have been sent out via the in-game mail as compensation - do not forget to claim yours and have a good game!

On Wednesday, December 2, the servers will go offline for scheduled maintenance at 6:00 AM for EU (GMT+1) and 0:00 AM for the NA region (GMT-5).
We'll post an additional announcement once the maintenance is over.
Apologies for the inconvenience!


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