Server maintenance on December 13

UPD.  Maintenance complete! Here's what's new:

Removed the option to create new players;

Added the option to to purchase Elirs with Gold to the in-game store (hotkey - V) at the rate of 500 Elirs for 1000 Gold (purchased items will need to be unpacked in the inventory);

Adjusted the prices of all items in the store to 1 Elir;

Added the following items to the in-game store:
- Chick Pact (pet summon);
- Special Mount Coupon (allows you to choose any mount from any series);
- Outfit Coupon (allows you to choose any outfit from any series);
- Style and Haircut Coupons (choose any hairstyle you want);
- Empty Sapphire and Gilded Pendants (for adding pet skills);
- Hero Token Box (contains 5 Hero Tokens for the current season);
- Tunby Blessing Scroll;
- Reverie Chest (contains 1 random piece of Reverie equipment with the max BP of 160);
- Reverie GEM VI;
- Reverie Fragment;
- Bright Ash.


On Monday, December 13, the servers will go offline for scheduled maintenance at 6:00 AM for EU (GMT+1) and 0:00 AM for the NA region (GMT-5).
Maintenance will be carried out on the servers, therefore their shutdown may take a long time, up to 8 hours or more.
We'll post an additional announcement once the maintenance is over.

Apologies for the inconvenience!


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