Scary tales contest!



The most mysterious and spooky time of the year is upon us! Vallund townsfolk are already finalizing festive preparations, while telling each other ghost stories about the Headless Horseman and its minions. We invite you to join in on the fun and write your very own scary tale set in the world of Eternal Magic. Publish it on our official Discord server for a chance to win wonderful prizes!

Terms of participation

Write a terrifying short story (no longer than 2000 symbols) set in the universe of Eternal Magic, then publish it on the corresponding channel on our official Discord server. Don't forget to include your character's nickname and 101XP portal ID!


1st place: Magical broom mount, a special in-game Halloween costume, 630 elirs, and 30 000 gold.
2nd place: Magical broom mount, 630 elirs, and 30 000 gold.
3rd place: 630 elirs and 30 000 gold.



1. Contest entries are accepted from October 25 until November 7. The winner will be selected on November 8;
2. Submissions must not exceed 2000 symbols;
3. Only one contest entry per user is allowed. Participants must include their character's exact nickname and 101XP portal ID;
4. Entries must not break any of our community guidelines;
5. Plagiarism, i.e. submitting someone else's work as your own, will result in disqualification;
6. The game's administration reserves the right to resolve any disputes as seen fit.

If you would like to express yourself through a different creative medium, we are also holding a Halloween cosplay contest!

Happy Halloween! 



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