Dungeon treasures are waiting for you!


Dungeon Conqueror Box is on sale!
Available from March 26 12:00 AM to April 11 11:59 PM (server time).

A Dungeon Conqueror Box with unique and useful prizes will be appeared in the in-game store.

The box contains a lot of useful items. Once you open the box, you will randomly receive something from the list of its contents.

Pay attention to the unique treasure: you have a chance to get the Reverie Equipment Box! From such a box, you will get a random item of equipment from the Void Dream exclusively for your character class (both armor and weapons can drop out). The level of the received equipment will be the maximum for the current server level, the characteristics of the equipment will be random.

Opening it will yield one of the following:

- Reverie Equipment Box
- Cryptid spirit;
- Relic spirit;
- Prayer stones x10;
- Pet set reset crystal;
- Elven tears x10;
- Special soul stone x3;
- Pendant stats reset crystal x2;
- Triad potion x5;
- Bright ash x2;
- Golden card x5 (grants a random card and a Luck point in Cards of Fate);
- Nature Godess's potion x10;
- Explorer coupons x10;
- Defense crystal x2.

We apologize for the typo on the box - the game will indicate x15 Nature Godess's potion, although the correct amount is indicated in this article (x10 potions).

Good loot!


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