Priest class description


Unyielding faith in divine justice and hatred of darkness make Priests potent fighters, but their true calling is to heal allies, counter harmful magic with protective spells, and unleash righteous wrath upon the wicked. Priests are reliable and essential companions on any adventure.

Difficulty: 5/5
Role: Healing / mag. ranged
Armor type: heavy

Priests typically wear heavy armor and wield a cross which helps focusing the owner's faith into powerful incantations. Priests can combine offensive, protective and healing spells as they please, but can also devote themselves to a specific path, strengthening their chosen abilities with one of the specializations: Judge or High Priest.


By choosing this specialization, a Priest gains increased damage output and reduces incoming damage. By using active abilities, the Judge leaves enemies vulnerable to fire and light damage, becomes immune to knockback or skill interruption, and is able to cast spells while moving. This type of Priests can also apply seals that cause damage over time, use Holy Fire to incinerate enemies, and abruptly end any fight with deadly execution spells.

Awakened Priest draws even closer to the Light, gaining the power to summon spectral warriors or create a giant radiant cross that descends from heaven and, having reached its target, explodes, dealing tremendous damage.

High Priest

By deciding to devote themselves to protection and healing of others, one can become a High Priest. Their curative magic becomes even more effective, and they gain the ability to passively heal nearby allies, while even the most basic of the Priest’s healing skills will now have a chance to boost the attack power of pets and party members alike.

High Priests have an impressive arsenal of helpful spells, from single target and AoE healing to damage absorbing shields, meaning they can easily adapt to any combat situation.

All of High Priest’s awakening skills are AoE and some of them also bless allies with increased chance of landing critical hits.

A Priest’s presence alone is enough to instill confidence and faith into their allies. Whether inspiring followers or striking fear in the hearts of enemies, a Priest never loses sight of the source of their inner strength - the unquenchable devotion to the Light!

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