Premium status is available in the store!



Meet the premium status, thanks to which you get the maximum from the game! More experience for your pets, additional rewards from the dungeons, every day presents and gold, faster accumulation of affinity, convenient movement around Terrasia and more! 

Premium status helps you to level up the character faster and easier on your account!

The premium is already available in the store on the website, for 30, 60, 90 or 180 days. The purchased status can be transferred into the game right away or you can take it from the storage later. The premium starts working from the moment you transfer it into the game.

First activation bonuses

For the very first premium activation you get one-time bonuses:

- Additional slot for the character on your account;
- 5 bag slots on all your characters (even those who you create later).

Account effects

Active premium status gives you a great number of bonuses for all the characters on the account (on the server where the premium is sent), no matter which character you transferred the premium to.

- Additional reward once a day for the heroic dungeon;
- Instant mount use;
- Ability to receive a mail everywhere, without a necessity to look for a mailbox;
- 20% experience increase for the pet;
- 20% faster affinity accumulation;
- 20% charisma increase for your gifts;
- No cooldown teleportation.

Every day gift

A premium chest is sent to your storage every day the status is activated. The first gift is sent when you activate your premium for the first time, other are sent daily at 4:00 AM (EU) and 9:00 PM (NA).

When you transfer the gift into the game, take it from the in-game mail. From each gift you receive 1500 of gold and a daily lottery chest that includes a random valuable item.

The list of possible rewards from the premium-chest: 

Items Quantity
Cryptide spirit 50
Relic spirit 50
Cryptide spirit 1
Relic spirit  1
Pendant stats reset crystal 1
Rare treasure map 1
Lucky coin 1
Lvl. 3 spirit stone 1
Explorer coupon 5
Leonkur medal 5
Resurrection stone 1
Energy pills 2
Tactics guide 1

Elirs for every premium

After every transfer of the premium into the game, you receive an elir pack, the quantity of elirs depends on the purchased number of premium-status days. 

30 days 500 elirs
60 days 1000 elirs
90 days 1500 elirs
180 days 3000 elirs

Elirs are automatically sent to the in-game mail of the character you transferred premium to.

Additional features

- You can always see how many days of the premium status are left: days counter is indicated with other positive effects of the character, and in the “Hot events”;
- Premium-status days transferred into the game are summarized (e.g, if you transfer 30 and 90 days, you get 120 days). There is no day limit at this moment;
- You can’t turn off or stop premium-status;
- Premium-status starts working from the moment of the transfer into the game;
- If you are not online in the game, the premium-status doesn’t stop working and days are running out.

Have a nice game!




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