Pew-Pew and other novelties in November!



Winter is already on Vallund’s doorstep. Time to exchange regular tea and cookies for hot chocolate and marshmallows... While we are at it, let’s take a look at the new content added to the game with today’s update!

Pets For Rent

A completely new mechanic will now allow you to rent a unique pet!
To access this feature, talk to Angelina in Vallund and select the “Pets” option.

You will notice a new Cryptid — a daring penguin named Pew-Pew, who can be rented for as long as you need him for only 12 500 Gold per day. The rental period can also be extended at any moment directly from the Pets menu.

Before renting Pew-Pew, you will need to select one of the five available skill presets, each of which comes with six skills of different types: wind, ice, fire, light, or solar flare. Unlike other pets, Pew-Pew cannot use skill books to learn new abilities. Instead, he can easily switch between skill presets by spending 20 000 Gold in the Pets menu. All six of the penguin’s skills will always be Advanced and although he cannot wear pendants, you can equip Pew-Pew with all the other sorts of equipment. Don’t worry — you will be able to recover any Red equipment a rental pet was wearing even after their contract has already expired!

One more thing to note is that Pew-Pew cannot participate in expeditions (he’s simply too cool to perform menial tasks like that!), cannot be added to the Atlas, or used in Astrology. The penguin mercenary also won’t receive any elemental bonuses while fighting his way through the Beast Challenge or Heroic Instances, but other than that he’ll gladly turn your foes to ashes anywhere else!

A little something extra: upon renting a pet you will also receive Gem Spirits.

Right-click a Gem Spirit in your inventory to exchange them for Cryptid and Relic Spirits.

The amount of Gem Spirits you receive will depend on the length of the pet rental contract. You will receive 45/46/47/48/49 Gem Spirits for renting Pew-Pew for 1-2/3-4/5-6/7-8/9+ days correspondingly.

Elir Essence

A new option has been added to the existing Hot Events!

You can now receive Elir Essence for spending any amount of Elirs (1 Essence will be granted for every 1 Elir spent). Complete the tasks from the Hot Events tab to earn even more Elir Essence!

Upon accumulating enough Elir Essence, you can then retrieve additional rewards from the corresponding Hot Event (note that this will NOT consume the Essence you have collected so far).

Finally, once you have gathered 10 000 Elir Essence, you may become the owner of the exclusive permanent Crimson Blood Wings!

Returning Players Event

If for whatever reason you have not accessed your account for more than 14 days, then upon logging into the game after the recent update, you will notice a new option among the available events — the Comeback Event “Legendary Newcomer”! It will replace the typical returning player gift which hitherto has been delivered by in-game mail.

In addition to the standard returning player reward with various useful consumables, you will also receive a number of additional bonuses, such as:

- 10% monster damage buff for 15 days;
- Free character Rename Card;
- 10 Hero Tokens of the current season (Make sure to activate the item you received in the Comeback Event from your inventory to claim the Tokens as the item has a short lifespan!).

Additional rewards may be claimed by finishing Heroic Instances while the Comeback Event is available (Both random and manually chosen instances will count towards quest progress):

- 1 000 000 Silver for clearing 1 Heroic Instance;
- 10 000 Gold for 3 Heroic Instances;
- 30 Hero Tokens of the current season for 5 Heroic Instances (Once again — make sure to activate the item you received in the Comeback Event from your inventory to claim the Tokens!).

Star Quests in Instances

Random normal Instances will now include additional tasks. Completing them may yield valuable rewards such as equipment items, especially useful for new players, plus various resources which can come in handy for newbies and veterans alike.

Upon entering an Instance, you will see a list of 3 tasks on the right side of the screen. Performing any of those tasks will earn the player a star and the rewards will be sent to your inventory automatically after the final dungeon boss has been slain, so make sure that your bag has enough free space before finishing the Instance!

Up to 9 tasks can be cleared in total. Should you fail to perform any of the tasks, simply enter a new Instance and try again, until all 9 quests have been successfully completed!

Fast Pet Skill Learning

You will notice a new button by the current pet’s skills in the Pets menu, simply titled “Pet Training”.

Click it to open another window with a list of all the Pet Skills available in-game.

Every skill can now be purchased and learned in a single click, which acts as an instantaneous purchase and consequent usage of the corresponding skill book, making the process of acquiring new skills much more easy and straightforward.

The cost of acquiring new skills via this method is exactly the same as purchasing the skill books from the Mall.

Right-click to add up to 8 skills to a special set called a “Guide.” You can then easily switch between them, so as not to waste time looking for a specific skill in the entire library of pet abilities. For added convenience, any skills the current pet has already learned will be highlighted in the Guide.

Misc Changes & Improvements

1. Winter time is now in effect on Andromeda and Sagittarius servers — the clock there has been set back an hour!

2. Optimized the work of pet fire skills (including Mecho’s), fixing the issue with abnormal activation rate.

3. Fixed the issue with the Guilds button becoming inaccessible by characters without a guild.

4. Fixed an issue with the “Beast Challenge” task in the “Become Stronger” functionality.

5. Applied multiple localization improvements and fixes.


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