Open Beta begins on September 26


A great adventure begins in the world of Eternal Magic on September 26! On this day everyone will be able to set off to discover the unknown and unlock the secrets of Terrasia!

You will be able to start your journey on one of two servers: Andromeda [EU] or Sagittarius [NA]. Level limits will be removed during open beta testing and your character will be able to advance to level 60. In-game progress from closed beta testing will be reset, but anything players obtain from this point on will be theirs to keep.

Warrior, Awakened, and Keeper Pack holders will be able to take part in open beta testing starting on September 23. These packs can be purchased on our website. Buy them now to start playing ahead of schedule and get exclusive items! The packs will no longer be available once the public open beta begins. Players with a Lucky Ticket, which was sent out as compensation for the closed beta delay, can also start playing on September 23.

Terrasia awaits!



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    Server maintenance on September 27

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    Server maintenance on August 16

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    Summer fever

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    Server maintenance on July 19

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    Soul Realm

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