New level of Chaos instance


The new level of Chaos instance - Akaman Temple II will become available today at 12:00 PM, server time! Beware the powered up guards and bosses!
Will you welcome the challenge and overcome the forces of evil that have seized control of the ancient shrine?
May luck be on your side!

Today are introduced one more type of currency — the Chaos Crystals.

Players can collect them by defeating bosses in the Akaman Temple (up to 675 crystals for successfully clearing the entire instance). Additional crystals are granted for helping other players pass through the Temple, up to 2250 crystals in total which can then be exchanged for a variety of goods by visiting Adjutant Drake in Vallund in charge of the new Chaos Crystal store.

The items that can be purchased here include:

- Any red Akaman equipment item for your class;

- Pet power and health stones;

- Maoru's Toybox (contains a purple pet pendant)

- Akaman Eye (purple relic with a randomized skill).

Go to victories!


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    New level of Chaos instance

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