The new level of Chaos instance - Akaman Temple III



The new level of Chaos instance - Akaman Temple III will become available today at 12:00 PM, server time!
Gather your allies, devise new tactics, and defeat the forces of evil!
The strength of equipment acquired from this instance will be 186 (210 with its star level maxed out).
The first 5 parties to successfully clear the updated dungeon will receive additional rewards (issued automatically)!

1st place:
Unique mount "Voidborne"
Unique title "God of War and Dawn"
Bright Ash х15
Elite Spirit Stone х8
Beast Spirit Crystal х80

2nd place:
Bright Ash х10
Elite Spirit Stone х5
Beast Spirit Crystal х50

3rd place:
Bright Ash х8
Elite Spirit Stone х4
Beast Spirit Crystal х40

4th place:
Bright Ash х6
Elite Spirit Stone х3
Beast Spirit Crystal х30

5th place:
Bright Ash х4
Elite Spirit Stone х2
Beast Spirit Crystal х20

Good luck!


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