Moon treasures are waiting for you!


Moon Chest is on sale!
Available from May 31 12:00 AM to June 13 11:59 PM (server time).

During days of the event, this special chest can be purchased from the in-game store for only 59 elirs!
Please note that the composition of the chest has changed a bit.

Open it for a chance to receive unique mounts - the  New Moon and the Full Moon (not available for obtaining in the game in any other way)!


The chest may also contain a variety of other useful items. Opening it will yield one of the following:

- Full Moon mount;
- New Moon mount;
- Cryptid spirit;
- Relic spirit;
- Prayer stones x10;
- Pet set reset crystal;
- Elven tears x10;
- Special soul stone x3;
- Pendant stats reset crystal x2;
- Triad potion x5;
- Bright ash x2;
- Golden card x5 (grants a random card and a Luck point in Cards of Fate);
- Red rose;
- Nature Godess's potion x10;
- Explorer coupons x10;
- Leonkur medals x5;
- Defense crystal x2.

Good loot!


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    Server maintenance on December 13

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    Summer fever

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