"Moment of glory" update has been installed!


Heroes! Thank you for your patience, Terrasia is waiting for you already!

Level 65 is available! Reach new heights. Even your loyal pets can now upgrade up to level 70.
Also, Vallund decorated and is ready for the holidays! The city has become such a beautiful place... Truly the holiday spirit has come to Terrasia!

Moreover, some things have been added and fixed, check them out!


The update "Moment of glory" is in the game. Read more info here.
Rush into the game to try added novelties!


A new tab in astrology menu will become available on level 60 - Atlas.
6 cells of atlas will be accessible for you, you can unlock them for gold of elirs. Put your pets into Atlas’ cells so your activated one receives bonuses. The more powerful pets are placed in the Atlas the better bonuses your active pet gets.
Try to insert pets of the same type into the Atlas to receive an additional bonus. This buff will be added to your pet’s damage every 8 seconds.

Holiday fashion

Dress up for the holiday celebration!
Two new costumes for the female characters are available for purchase: - "Calm winter" and "Winter Fortune"  and one fancy look for male characters - "Calm winter".

Pack of universal pet fragments

Purchase a pack with 844 one-size-fits-all pet fragments. Upgrade all your pets at once!


New unique items were added into the game. Special cauldrons, use them in the dungeon and get party buffs for 3 hours. It can be used 12 times and the buff doesn't vanish after death.
They can be purchased from the Treasure merchant.


- The issue with the disappearing map in several locations fixed;
- Fixed the wrong display of Team Arena info in the event calendar;
- Mounts are now available from level 1;
- Numerous GUI adjustments and localization errors fixes.

And that's not all what is waiting for you in Terrasia! Be ready for surprises.



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