“Moment of Glory” update


An update is going to come to Eternal Magic soon! You will fight for the amazing rewards in a new PVP-mode, power up your gear with ether runes and you will get an opportunity to change the appearance of your lovely pets!

Pet Transformation

The pet transformation system will appear in this update! Now you can beautify your pets.

Pet transformation master Sandra (Vallund, 1047,945) will help your dear pets to break new ground. Transform your pet and make it look fancier! Your pet must be level 70 to transform.
To transform your pet randomly you need only 10 beast spirit crystals, but, if you add 1 special item - catalyst, that is unique for every pet, then you will be able to get a specified transformation.
All equipped items of gear, quantity of stars and the level of the pet will be reseted after the transformation, even the element can shifted! Be ready for the surprises!

Beast spirit crystals from the “Beast challenge” will be replaced with primodial aura. It is used for the transformed pets’ fragments purchase and for their upgrade. All the above-mentioned items can be obtained in the Chaos dungeons (starting with Gemini Shrine lvl II) and for the plague research.

Team Arena

A new PVP mode is coming to Terrasia! Team arena will open it’s doors for the strongest fighters!
Reach level 60 to enter the arena. A new quest will appear in your journal. To test your strength on the arena you have to build a team of 3 players and pay 5000 of gold. Every Friday from 07:30 PM to 09:25 PM server time Arena King Madinos arranges battles to find the strongest team. King is waiting for you in Vallund (1017,1123).

Moreover, you will find an arena icon in the bottom menu.

Participants will receive a chest after the battle at 09:30 PM server time on the same day. You may win silver, rare treasure map, treasure map box and other trophies, including a unique title and Celestial wings for 7 days for the best class players.

Ether runes

Ether runes significantly enhance your gear (they can be inserted into the head- and shoulder-gear), they can be green, blue or violet quality, and they are available only for the characters on 65 level.
The main distinctive feature of the ether runes is that they have two random positive and negative characteristics. Random ether rune stones will be obtainable in the chaos dungeons, they will show you which runes you need to create ether runes.

Rune master Tot (Vallund, 1028,913) can dismantle needless rune into the ether fragments. Collect sufficient quantity of them and make an ether rune with random characteristics and quality.

To set an ether rune into the gear you need to appeal to your well-known Rune Master Valla (Vallund, 1033,916) and you must bring an ether drill with you, a special item that can be obtained from the broker for 100 000 of silver. Take into account that ether runes can’t be switched to other gear and if you decide to shift the rune, then the old one will be destroyed.

Upgrading inlain runes

Make your runes even stronger in the upcoming update! Power up an already incrustrated rune, and it will upgrade your characteristics! Uman Fry - is a real master of the runes!

Reach 65 level, meat Uman Fry to upgrade an incrustrated rune. Every rune can be powered up only once.

Spirit Stigmata

A new system that you will be able to try so soon! When you reach level 60, a new menu icon will appear. Click on it to open the Spirit stigmata system. The stigmata can be found in the Chaos dungeons, from the heroic instance chest and also you can purchase them from the treasure merchant.

Needless stigmata can be dismantled into fragments (5 fragments for a usual stigmata, 25 fragments for a mutated spirit stigmata), exchange obtained shards for new stigmata. Ereich (1025,913) is at your service!
Incrustrated stigmata can’t be taken away. You can switch stigmata, however the previous one will be destroyed and won’t be reusable.

Normal spirit stigmata
Into 3 top and 3 bottom cells you can put in stigmata that give bonus only to the standard characteristics of the character. You can’t incrustrate 2 similar stigmata into different cells.
Incrustrated stigmata can be upgraded by clicking on the cell. To upgrade stigmata you need the same ones and with every level you will need more stigmata. The quantity of characteristics grow with every level of the upgrade.
When a character activates it’s awakening, the stigmata bonus increases for five times.

Mutated spirit stigmata
Special violet stigmata are incrustrated into two central cells. Each of them have two variations, that give bonus to skills and abilities.
They can’t be powered up.

Guild race

Every Monday and Saturday from 07:20 PM to 07:30 PM server time sign up for a race at Irene, and have fun in the Guild race that starts at 07:30 PM server time.
As long as the members of the guild reach level 10, they can register for the competition at Foss Irene.
There are two rounds of the preliminary and finals. Only the top 20 players in the preliminary round can enter the finals for the final competition.

Be the fastest membere of your guild!

Coming soon to Eternal Magic!



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