May the Divine spark guide you


A miracle has just happened and some novelties have been added into the game. Check out what’s waiting for you in Terrasia.

Divine spark

When you reach level 60, you will be able to become even stronger. That is the reason why the Divine spark system has been created. Seek help from astrologer Ishtar. The hero gets bonus to characteristics by upgrading the Divine spark.
The essence of this system - to get a great bonus to your health, magical and physical powers, and to reveal new ways of development.

The discovery of the Divine spark will not only significantly increase the maximum health and attack parameter, but also will give you an access to new game mechanics. However, everything does come with a price: to maintain the character’s parameters on the same level, you have to continue enhancing your equipment - find new items in the dungeons, upgrade runes.


If you upgrade your equipment at least once with Divine Spark, Totems will become available for you. Boost your powers with them! Totem consists of four parts: burst, control, speed and boost. Every part can be inserted into a suitable totem. You can merge two totems, to receive one with defined characteristics.
The merge results you choose yourself.

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  • 09/07/2020

    Summer fever

  • 08/07/2020

    Server maintenance on July 9

  • 07/07/2020

    New arena season is coming soon

  • 08/06/2020

    Server maintenance on June 9

  • 28/05/2020

    Single game client for your convenience

  • 27/05/2020

    Server maintenance on May 28