Mage class description


After spending years in meditation and finding harmony with nature and the cosmos, Mages earn the favor of the gods. Elements of the world are theirs to command, while countless hordes of enemies bow before the power of their destructive sorcery. Having a Mage as an ally will always be a great asset to your team.

Difficulty: 5/5
Role: mag. ranged
armor Type: cloth

Mages wear cloth armor which offers only limited protection. They have to keep their distance, freezing enemies with ice, incinerating them with fire or shocking them with lightning. Should the opponent ever get too close for comfort, Mages have the option to fortify themselves with Magic Armor, instantly Blink out of danger, or summon a protective Block of Ice. If things get out of hand a skillful Mage can even rewind time to try a different approach!

Regardless of the chosen specialization, Mages can learn a variety of elemental skills and even change a particular spell’s element using special runes. The Polar Storm can be turned into Rain of Fire or Thunderstorm!

Burning Soul

When a Mage focuses on the element of Fire, in addition to dealing damage, spells associated with this element start applying the negative effect “Sparks” to their target. The effectiveness of a fire Mage depends on the proper tactical use of Sparks-inflicting skills: certain spells can cause Sparks to explode, dealing extra damage, while using the Burning Soul ability will transfer Sparks to nearby enemies for guaranteed critical damage.

Winter Frost

With the focus on frost spells, Mage deals 5% more damage with basic skills, takes 5% less damage overall, and gains the ability to freeze their target. If the target is immune, Winter Frost will increase the casting speed by 20% for 10 seconds. Ice Sphere will launch a slow-flying projectile, which constantly does damage to enemies and slows them down. Ice Seal deals huge damage in a small radius and stuns enemies for 8 seconds.

Knowledge of the Void

Knowledge of the Void allows Mages to inflict more damage. Their single target abilities gain the stackable Void Knowledge effect, which increases max mana and damage dealt by thunder skills, but also raises the cost of casting spells. Not that many lightning spells can be used while moving. The Short Circuit applies negative effect to a single target, causing continuous damage to it and surrounding opponents for 15 seconds. This skill also makes said target vulnerable, increasing all incoming damage by 15%. Elemental Explosion always inflicts huge critical damage and restores mana according to the number of stacked Void Knowledge effects, but it can only be used on enemies who have less than 20% of their max health remaining.

Mages of any specialization are extremely dangerous. Lightning spells make enemies vulnerable, fire burns foes alive, and frost spells entomb them with ice. A seemingly fragile Mage may look like an easy target, but do not be fooled: the elements themselves are their allies, and nature knows no mercy.

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