The Lunar New Year celebration is in full swing



As we have already mentioned, the city of Vallund is decorated with bright lanterns as well as luminous statues of pets and plants for a very special occasion. You probably noticed the cute new pet and the updated Patrol Quests. That’s right - the Lunar New Year celebration has started all across Terrasia! Let's find out more about this festival.

Holiday Events

It's not just the Patrol Quests that have changed! The holiday-themed "Boss Hunt" begins on February 11

You can collect fragments of the holiday pet, Firemane, for defeating bosses. These pet fragments will also drop from daily dungeon rewards. Don't miss the chance to obtain an adorable lion cub to complement your collection!

Lunar New Year's events will be held until February 24 inclusive.

Online Rewards

From February 11 (12:00 PM, server time) until February 24 inclusive, log into the game for 7 days and receive gifts for staying online! On each of these 7 days, you can receive up to four gifts: for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, and 2 hours of online time respectively.

The Return of Chick

From 12:00 PM, server time, on February 11, the "New Year Chick Gift'' and "Chick Fragment Gift" packs will return to the in-game store. Once again, this is an opportunity to collect an exclusive cryptid, if you have not already done so last year!

Join in on the celebration!


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