The “Kingdom of Dreams” update is now live


Server maintenance is over and the people of Terrasia anxiously await the return of their legendary warriors!


The “Kingdom of Dreams” update is now live, bringing several game-changing features to the table. As you probably remember, we have already taken a closer look at some of them in our previous articles:
Pet merging
Dimensional Gate
Kingdom of Dreams and Reverie equipment


The Sapphire Sky Dragon patiently awaits its new owner at the in-game shop. Soar to the heavens on the back of this mythical creature!

Phantom of the Opera

The update introduces another event, that will be different for every class currently present in the game. For more information and to partake in the “Phantom of the Opera”, visit Vera in Vallund.

Every victory in this event will bring you points and the top 30 scoring players will receive valuable rewards at the end of each week. The Phantom promises to invent many different new challenges, so don’t forget to check on it from time to time.


- Daylight Saving Time is now in effect on all of the game's servers, setting the clock forward one hour;
- Each month, a new reward will now be available for logging into the game for 28 days straight. The reward chest may include: 2 Elite spirit stones, a random red Soul Pact, or a random Reverie equipment blueprint for your current class;
- Fixed the issue with the Drake NPC’s hero certificates exchange;
- Fixed the issue that allowed flag bearers climb onto the walls in Mount Razilla;
- Numerous minor bug fixes and localization improvements.

In honor of the update, a gift pack will be sent to your in-game mail in the next 24 hours, containing the following:

- Maoru's Toybox;
- Prayer Stone x15;
- Pet set reset crystal x3.

The servers are already open. Dive in!


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