The holidays are coming!


Long-awaited holiday events are already in the game! They start at 12:00 PM server time. A real festival of joy and magic has come to Terrasia.
So, first things first...

Christmas trial

Winter has come to Terrasia. Everyone is busy making snowmen and enjoying the beautiful snowy landscape, but the latest snowfall has awakened slumbering elemental monsters. Time to fight them back!

Finish the quest chain that will lead you to Ruth, an NPC hanging around the fountain in Vallund. She can teleport parties of two into the challenge grounds. The trial has three difficulty levels: the higher the difficulty, the more points you will receive.

Choose one of the 7 available heroes with unique skills and rush into battle! You will be transported to a snowy valley besieged by a swarm of ogres. Stay alive for as long as possible to earn the most points. If you survive all of the attack waves, a portal will appear, taking you to the challenge boss.

For every successful completion of the trial on various difficulty levels you can receive a unique reward.
Moreover, complete the trial daily to earn the event currency - mittens. The number of items you receive is based on the best-run results of the day. The trial can be tackled as many times as you want, but the reward can only be claimed once every day.
Bring mittens to Ruth and exchange them for various rewards. Among available items are a unique avatar frame, Christmas hairstyle, pendant stats reset crystals, random accessory chests, and so much more!

Chicky Chick

During the Winter Challenge event, you have the opportunity to get the cutest and extremely useful cryptid pet - Chick. This little monster with feathers will be a great helper!

You can get a bird in two ways: buy it immediately in the in-game store as part of a gift, or collect Chick from 50 fragments.

Chick's Christmas present contains:

- Сryptid pet - Chick
- Sapphire pendant
- Elven tears х200
- Vidin creations х500
- Lucky coin х30

Chick's Fragments can be earned by completing daily tasks in the winter event (one at a time), as well as purchased in the New Year's store for mittens or purchased in the regular store for elirs (the gift with Chick's fragment contains 1 fragment).

Christmas race

On your marks. Get set. Go!
Marek in Vallund has announced the Christmas races! Saddle your mounts and show the competition who is the fastest racer in Vallund. Avoid traps, collect energy spheres, grab green powerups to use random skills! The action will take place on a beautifully decorated holiday track!


The races will take place during the weekends on December 26 and 27, as well as January 2 and 3, 9 and 10. Up to four races can be completed on each of these days. Don’t forget to register at these time intervals to take part in all of the races: 14:25-14:30, 14:45-14:50, 21:55-22:00, and finally 22:15-22:20.

Participation rewards can be received after the first race of the day. It will be sent directly to your in-game inventory.
TOP4 racers will be awarded additional presents after the race. You you have taken part in several races that day, you will get the reward for your best run.
Ranking rewards are sent out by in-game mail at 11:00 PM server time.

Online rewards

A real present-blizzard has struck Terrasia! Have fun and spend time in-game on December 30 and 31, and also on January 1,2 and 3 to earn bountiful rewards!
You will be able to receive presents for the time spent in-game on each of the aforementioned days: for 5 minutes, 15 minutes, then for 1 and 2 hours respectively.

Real miracles are waiting for you in Eternal Magic! And Merry Christmas!


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