Happy Valentine’s Day!


Heroes, a day of love has arrived in Terrasia. Let love heat your hearts, despite the snow around. Love your siblings, your close ones, your friends and the whole world around you. We have prepared the following presents so you can feel our love too:

- Hot spring ticket;
- Maoru's Toybox (Random purple pet pendant);
- Colorful Balloons;
- Rare Treasure Map;
- Lvl.4 spirit stone;
- Leonkur medal;
- Simple divine stone

Gifts will be sent to you during this day to the characters 30 lvl+ to your in-game mail.

Have a nice game!


  • 27/03/2020


  • 16/03/2020

    Server maintenance on March 17

  • 09/03/2020

    Springtime Mission Marathon

  • 20/02/2020

    Lovely contests results

  • 14/02/2020

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • 13/02/2020

    Cryptid and relict spirits as a bonus!