Happy May Day!


We are happy to announce that a lot of new content has made it into the game on the eve of the last month of spring! It’s high time to participate in events, have fun with friends, and - of course - welcome a new pet into the game!


A tiny, but very tough dragon cub will become a valuable companion to novice and seasoned adventurers alike!
Let’s say hello to Flameling. This rare pet will grow and become more powerful alongside its master, all the while learning new powerful abilities - all six of them! This means that, due to already being able to learn the max number of skills from the get-go, this little guy has no need for pendants!  

The brand new pet can be purchased for only 149 elirs and comes packed with a number of useful items, such as: Elven Tears x10, Ruby Collar, Excellent Steel Protection.

Initially, the Flameling is able to use 2 skills: Basic Dragon Executioner and Basic Naga Frenzy. As its owner continues to level up, so will the tiny dragon uncover new hidden powers and upgrades:

1. Once its master reaches level 10, the pet will learn the 3rd skill - Basic Frisky Shadow;
2. Once its master reaches level 25, the pet will learn the 4th skill - Basic Oath;
3. Once its master reaches level 60, the pet will receive a +50 bonus to all stats and its damage output will be boosted by 2%;
4. Spending 9 elirs will let the pet learn the 5th skill - Basic Naga Spirit;
5. The Naga Frenzy will be upgraded from Basic to Advanced level;
6. Once its master reaches level 65, the pet will receive another +50 bonus to all stats and its damage output will likewise be boosted by 5%;
7. For 9 elirs the Dragon Executioner can be upgraded to Advanced level;
8. Once its master reaches level 70, spending 9 elirs can upgrade the Frisky Shadow skill to Advanced level;
9. Another 9 elirs will upgrade Oath to Advanced level;
10. Yet another 9 elirs will upgrade the Naga Spirit skill to Advanced level;
11. Spending 30 elirs will allow the pet to learn the 6th and final skill - Basic Devastating Flame. This upgrade will become available on May 9;
12. On August 4, the pet will receive its final +50 bonus to all stats.


Check into the game every day from April 30 until May 6 to collect valuable gifts! Upon claiming your second, fourth, and finally sixth rewards more goodies will become available in the form of Total Check-ins packs. In addition to regular items, these chests also include lots of Gardener tokens for the current Tree Spirit event.


From April 30 until May 13, talk to the event manager Helena who can be found hanging out by the fountain in Vallund. She will bestow the special Tree Spirit item on your character, allowing them to transform into one of the two types of magical beings - either the benevolent Forest Treant or the corrupted Fire Treant. Additionally, you will receive the Sprinkler which can be used to water other players transformed into Treants up to 5 times every day.

Forest Treants LOVE the water! 

After becoming a Forest Treant, you will have 5 minutes to get watered by other players at least 6 times to receive the best possible reward: 70 000 silver and 8 Gardener tokens.
Otherwise, the resulting reward will be considerably lower: 30 000 silver and only 4 Gardener tokens.

Players using their Sprinklers to help a good Treant wet their leaves will also earn a small reward, amounting to 10 000 silver and 2 Gardener tokens. However, keep in mind that...

Fire Treants HATE the water!

Transforming into a Fire Treant gives you a different objective and that is to stay away from other Sprinkler-wielding players for 3 minutes, after which you will gain 50 000 silver and 6 Gardener tokens.
Being sprinkled with water will immediately end your run, cutting your reward down to only 30 000 silver and 4 Gardener tokens.

However, the hero who has managed to water the dangerous Fire Treant before they can grow to full strength gains an increased reward: 20 000 silver and 4 Gardener tokens!

Perform these tasks every day to earn as many rewards as possible!
The Gardener tokens you collect can be exchanged for valuable items at Helena’s event store.


Susie’s Gift

In case 30 Trial of Dreams attempts per day just isn’t enough for you, Susie’s Gift can grant you 10 additional attempts!
The first pack is available at a 90% discount for only 9 elirs! Additional packs will cost 80 elirs each.

Cute pet gift 20% off - only 479 elirs!

Available until May 17 inclusive.
Contains Resurrection stone x20, Elven tears x10, and Ancient beast hematite x1.

Soul Awakening Gift Pack 20% off - only 199 elirs!

Available until May 17 inclusive.
Includes the Initial Pure Spirit (which increases your chances for a successful spirit upgrade by 10%), as well as 8 lvl. 3 Spirit stones.

May Day Pack 50% off - only 99 elirs!

Available until May 17 inclusive.
Can only be purchased once per character and includes Resurrection stone x10, Excellent pet detector x10, and Explorer Coupon x20.

Glory Pack 40% off - only 588 elirs!

Available until May 17 inclusive.
Can only be purchased once per character and includes Memory Crystal x150, Initial Pure spirit x5, and Spirit stone lvl. 4 x5.

Hurry up and log into the game today!


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    Server maintenance on September 8

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    Prayer Stones, Cryptid and Relic Spirits as a bonus!

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