Happy Halloween!


In the darkest and most mysterious time of the year, right after the last of the crops have been picked, a harvest of a different kind begins. Malevolent spirits come to haunt Terrasians, who, in turn, decorate their dwellings with pumpkins and dolls, while dressing as the characters of the most terrible legends, to keep the mischievous specters at bay, as was the tradition since times immemorial. This year, however, a simple masquerade will not suffice, for the terrible Headless Horseman, ruler of the Undead Realm, has arrived to Terrasia with its ghastly entourage! Only the combined efforts of all of the individual server’s heroes will be enough to overpower this ancient evil, bringing glory and generous rewards to its vanquishers!

The Halloween event will be held in Eternal Magic from October 28 until November 8 inclusively. The following article is intended to familiarize the reader with the local festive customs!

New outfits and sets

Only during Halloween, sets will appear in the store, which are presented below:

Halloween surprise:

- Bats of the Endless night costume;
- Elite spirit stone;
- 100 Elven tears or 20 Wishing stones, player's choice.

Wiseman blessings gift:

- 20 Elven tears;
- 10 4 Lvl. spirit stones;
- 10 Resurrection stones;
- 1 Basic spirit stone.

Where life and death blend together

Players, who have already reached level 30, are encouraged to visit Kira at the Fantis’ Harbor (1280,1412) to help investigate the appearance of the sinister Gate of the Dead. Here you can earn a new pet - the infamous Scandalous Pumpkin - as well as gain access to even more Halloween activities, each with its own set of valuable rewards!

Turkey wars

On your festive journey, you are sure to run into Ladiyas in Vallund (995,1123). By the way, why not stop to appreciate the street decorations put up by the fun-loving townsfolk, while in the city? Unfortunately, as Ladiyas will not hesitate to inform you, due to this year’s increased paranormal activity, ordinary people find themselves in need of help from brave and venturous heroes. Thus, she will invite you to participate in the “Turkey wars” event, available once per day: here you will need to disguise yourself as a scarecrow and protect the holiday feast from the ravenous pumpkin army, sent by the Headless Horseman to ruin the celebration. Nobody is going home hungry from this banquet: depending on your performance and the selected difficulty level, you will be awarded various appetizing meals, including turkey wings, legs, or - if you are especially successful - a whole turkey, stuffed with delicious consumables and Scandalous Pumpkin fragments!

The Headless Horseman

From October 28 to November 8 in the evenings at 20:30-23:59 (server time), prepare to do battle with the malicious tyrant of the Undead Realm itself! The fighting will continue until the very end of the festival. All heroes will get 5 daily attempts to triumph over the leader of the invaders, earning chests full of rare rewards in the process! Drop by the new “Undead Realm” dungeon to face off against the villainous cavalier. Don’t expect the opponent to play fair though, for as soon as they set foot in the realm of the dead, your character will be transformed into a pumpkin with a set of unique abilities. You will have to put these to good use and act wisely to stand a chance of banishing the Horseman from the world of the living!

The first time you send the boss back whence it came from, you will receive a chest with plenty of Scandalous Pumpkin fragments, level 3 spirit stones, explorer coupons, wish stones, etc. Subsequent victories will bring you gift boxes with randomized rewards, which may include prized relics, cryptids, a magical broom mount, useful consumables, EXP, gold, as well as items for your pets.

But that’s not all: there is another, special server-wide campaign chest! Turn in the tainted medals, obtained from the Headless Horseman, to Kira and she will convert them into points. All of the players on an individual server will have to work together to fill in the progress bar and unlock this final bonus. Repel the invaders and save Terrasia!

Happy Halloween, everybody!


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