Gunslinger class description


Fortune favors the Gunslingers. They will make any terrain work to their advantage. Dare to face a Gunslinger and get ready to be played a fool, fall into a trap or get shot in the knee. Their impressive arsenal of survival skills can even bring their allies back from the brink of death.

Role: phys. damage, ranged/healing
Armor type: light
Difficulty: 3 out of 5

Gunslinger prefers fighting at a distance and relies on light armor that doesn’t restrain his movement. From the very beginning he is accompanied by a trusty pet which assists its owner in battle. Using his set of survival skills, Gunslinger can also become a potent healer.

Gunslinger wields dual pistols, perfectly suited for keeping his enemies at bay. To avoid close combat Gunslinger employs an array of useful abilities: Slow Shelling, Stunning Bomb, Jump - which helps to immediately gain some distance between Gunslinger and his target - and Mount Trap that stuns enemies.


At level 5 Gunslinger acquires his first specialization — the Hunter. It increases the damage output of Gunslinger’s abilities and grants a damage bonus against monsters. The Swift Firing skill deals moderate amount of damage and restores mana. Predator’s Shellfire hits a lot harder, but has a cooldown of 10 seconds. Many skills are instant (Maiming Shelling, Ghostly Dance) or can be cast while moving (Death Shooting).

Gunslinger’s waking skills unleash all of his firepower to inflict tremendous AoE damage. Fire a Grenade, Flame Shell, Reset Ammunation and Fire bombing will leave no chance of survival to enemy forces, however numerous they may be.


At level 22 Gunslinger can choose to follow the path of a more support-oriented Healer. By doing so he increases the effectiveness of his healing skills while sacrificing a portion of his and his pet’s damage-dealing potential. Skills such as Healing Fog, Regenerating Salve, Increased Regeneration, Wild Healing restore wounded allies’ health and Forest Wind further enhances the effectiveness of healing.

The waking skills of a Healer Gunslinger significantly increase outgoing healing, but may require proper positioning: with Arrow of Nature you need to aim in the direction of injured allies and Spring of Nature forces the group to gather in the spell’s area of effect to receive healing.

Whichever role the Gunslinger chooses to fulfil, his extensive arsenal of abilities allows him to find a way out of any situation. He’s sure to be a welcome addition to any group, and a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

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