A festival of love in Terrasia!


The winter still dominates in Terrasia, but the festival of love is coming and melting the hearts of terrasians. Let’s see what’s waiting for you in the game. 

Wedding event

Love is in the air. It’s time to propose to your beloved one! Accumulate 6000 affinity points and head to father Asher to hold a wedding ceremony. The wedding must be performed for gold or elirs from 10 until 16 of February inclusive.

Both united hearts will receive following presents: 

- Avatar frame "Flower of Love";
- Narcissus Fondant Cake;
- "Wedding bouquet" painting;
- Wedding sign.

Ave love!

Nightmare instance event

Despite the festival we can’t forget about the heroic deeds. From 10 to 23 of February inclusive complete the 18 level instance on the “nightmare” difficulty. It’s necessary to complete the instance in time. Every party member, who completes the task will be rewarded with following items: 

- Relic pet Giantling;
- Leonkur Shield;
- Elven tears x100

All rewards will be sent until the end of February.

The festival of love and heroic deeds is already in Terrasia!



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