Eternal Magic is now available on Steam!


The moment has come! Eternal Magic is now available on Steam!

Players starting out on this platform will be able to join the heroes playing on Andromeda (EU) and Sagittarius (NA) servers. Log in, make new friends, and then onwards - adventures await!

Please note that due to technical reasons, characters previously made while playing via the 101XP platform will not be accessible on Steam. Players aiming to continue playing in the new version of the game will be required to make a new character.

Meanwhile, the sending of presents earned by everyone who has added the game to their wishlist has already commenced! To claim yours, simply join a server with any character (old or newly created one), check your in-game mail, and withdraw any attached items. All characters are eligible to claim the gift regardless of the platform they were created on.

Top tier presents include:

- Astral Drakonid mount (30 days);

- Beam wings (30 days);

- Sapphire Pendant;
- Pendant stats reset crystal;
- Random excellent pet skill book;
- Resurrection Stone x7;
- 10 000 gold;
- Charge crystal;
- Lvl. 4 spirit stone x5;
- Lucky coin x5.

The presents can only be claimed until 10:59 PM, April 24 for EU (GMT+1) and until 3:59 PM for NA (GMT-5) servers. Do not miss your chance!

Please note that some players may experience an issue when purchasing elirs, premium, keeper and novice packs. We are already investigating this issue and it will be resolved ASAP.


  • 08/09/2020


  • 07/09/2020

    Server maintenance on September 8

  • 25/08/2020

    Prayer Stones, Cryptid and Relic Spirits as a bonus!

  • 05/08/2020

    Server maintenance on August 6

  • 16/07/2020

    Server maintenance on July 17

  • 14/07/2020

    Summer Screenshot Contest