Compensation info


We would like to apologize for the giveaway that was conducted by the mistake. That’s why we decided to send the compensation. However, the giveaway has been already done and we can’t take away the pack from the players, but, we have already sent the in-game currency compensation for that issue. The players that have bought or have received the packs as a present from a friend (purchased them on the portal and used the present function on the portal) get the following compensation:

  • Owners of the Keeper pack — 4000 + 800 elirs;
  • Owners of the Awakened pack — 2000 + 300 elirs;
  • Owners of the Warrior pack — 1000 + 100 elirs.

Don’t forget to take them from your items:
We would like to apologize for what happened.
Have a good game!



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