Charisma guide


Take part in a real beauty pageant in Terrasia!
To participate you will need to upload a real photo of yourself, by clicking a special button under the character’s nickname in the "Friends" menu.

A special window will appear.


Choose a real photo of yourself from your hard drive, which will become your profile picture. Please note that all uploaded images will be checked by the game's administration for compliance with the game's rules! To make sure that only real photos are getting approved, photos will also go through a verification process aimed at confirming their uniqueness. The gender of your in-game character doesn't matter.

The verification process will take, on average, around two or three days. If a photo you submitted wasn't approved, you can send a ticket to the technical support team or write to our community manager to dispute this decision.


Once a photo is approved, a ribbon will appear next to your character's nickname in most public chat channels and other places. 

Click on the ribbon in the "Friends" menu and create a link to your profile that can then be liked by visiting players.
The ribbon indicates that a player is competing in the Charisma event and everyone on the server can support and vote for them!

Charisma rewards

Rewards will be sent out to TOP10 players every Monday, at 10:00 PM server time. Competitors, taking places 4 through 10, will receive a unique title for the next 7 days. For the second and third place, players will also receive a unique corresponding title. The character of the player in the first place will be rewarded with a unique title and a rose aura special effect for 7 days.

On the first day of every month, at 10:00 PM server time, three monthly winners will also be chosen and the players in the second and third place will receive unique wings, lasting 30 days. The absolute winner will also receive a pair of temporary wings, and a statue will be erected in their honor in the capital city of Vallund and stay there for the remainder of the month!

Good luck and have fun!



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