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A new update has been released today. Sit back, relax with a cup of hot tea, and let's check what's new!

Battlefields Changes

Matchmaking can now be performed for two separate modes: Training and Celestial.

While fighting on a Celestial battlefield, your character will enjoy all of the unique stat bonuses granted by their equipment, spirit, tactical training, and totems they have equipped and upgraded, as well as special battle talents, a new feature which we will explore in greater detail further down below. 

Participating in Celestial Battles will yield even more rewards than usual, while the Training Battlefields are more suitable for newer characters as the buffs listed above do not apply here, making sure that all players have an equal chance at victory.

Battle Seasons and Talents

A new "Battle Talent" tab has been added to the skills menu, useful for increasing your character’s power in PvP.

Raise your battle level as you defeat enemies on Legendary Battlefields or in Adynar during the current Battle Season and obtain the resources necessary for upgrading battle talents: talent points and talent experience. Additionally, these types of resources are granted upon reaching certain combat levels, such as level 3, 7, 10, 20, 30, 40, and finally 50. If you wish, you can buy even more materials with Gold or Elirs.

Talents are passive skills that provide stat bonuses such as increased health, attack, armor, elemental damage, crit rate, etc.

Please note that talent bonuses only apply during PvP battles, namely in the following activities: Legendary Battlefields, Adynar, Dragon's Eye, Arena, the Elite Competition, as well as anywhere on the Lava Rift map.

Talents are divided into 2 categories: Basic and Special.

There are a total of 13 Basic Talents (can be viewed on the left side of the window). To unlock a level 1 talent, you will need to reach a certain combat level as well as collect the required amount of talent points and talent experience. You can then level up the newly acquired talent by pouring more experience into it, boosting its corresponding stat bonus. Additional talent points may be required to upgrade a talent to levels 4 and 5.

Special Talents are located on the right side of the Talents screen. 2 special talent slots are available at the start and new ones can be unlocked by increasing the character’s combat level. You can select between 2 to 6 various talents to be placed in every individual slot. Essences are required for upgrading Special Talents and can be extracted from talent points in the same tab. You can purchase additional special talent sets in order to have different setups for fulfilling various combat roles (you will not have to extract the essence again to reuse the same talents). Players can switch between different sets freely while outside of combat. You can also fully reset a special talent set for 5000 Gold or 100 Elirs.

Please note that your character’s combat level as well as any talents they unlocked will be reset at the end of the season. If you have reached combat level 10/20/30/40/50 during the previous season, you will automatically begin the next one with 5/10/15/20/30 talent points and 5%/10%/20%/30%/50% of the total collected talent experience respectively.

Divine Spark Changes

The 3rd level of the Divine Spark is now available. The corresponding quest will require your character to complete the Pilgrimage Path of any level.

What’s more is that we are happy to announce that, by popular demand, it has become possible to reset a character’s Divine Spark, potentially reversing all of its progress.

After the update, everyone will receive an opportunity to revert one level of their Divine Spark for free. The Spark can be reset further, as many times as you need, but the process will require 50 000 Gold every time. Each new Spark level (which your character has attained for the first time) will provide you with a new free Spark reset attempt. For example, upon resetting the Spark from level 2 back to level 1, you will then receive your next free attempt after upgrading your character’s Divine Spark to level 3.

Reducing the level of their Divine Spark affects the character as follows:

- spirit boost and tactical training limits are reduced accordingly;
- the Divine Spark stat bonuses will be lost;
- percentage requirements will be lowered to the appropriate Spark level;
- any previously unlocked relics and totems will be unaffected and will function normally;
- raising the spark back to the previously reverted level will NOT require you to complete the corresponding quest again.

Resource Rebate System

Players will notice the new "Resource Rebate" icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Here you can claim the rewards for certain activities that your character missed during the past 14 days.

You can claim up to 60% of the missed rewards by using the new currency - "Mentor's Recognition" coins. Alternatively, you can choose to collect 100% of all missed rewards by spending Elirs.

The two buttons at the bottom of the menu will allow you to quickly collect the rewards for all of the listed in-game events in one click!

Nightmare Rating

Your displays of heroism in Nightmares instances will no longer go unnoticed! Every Monday, collect a reward corresponding to your team’s rank during the previous week. To rank up on the leaderboard and collect better rewards, simply form a team and clear a Nightmare dungeon of the highest level as quickly as possible, but make sure to register your team before you do so (a new tab is now available in the Arena menu). Awards are provided for the top 10 teams at the end of the week.

Please note that you may not be able to quit your team if you have already placed high enough on the leaderboard during the current week.

Upon entering the nightmare, you will now see two possible options. If you've already registered your team, select the first option to enter Ranked Nightmare Mode. Unsuccessful tryes to complete the nightmare (you left the dungeon or passed, but did not meet the specified time) waste the attempts. Every week you have two free attempts, if they are exhausted, any team member can buy additional attempts for elirs.

Chaos Rewards Accumulation

Clearing Chaos instances will now become an even more pleasant and adventurous pastime. If a dungeon has been open for more than two weeks, and your character does not visit nor kills its bosses, then the number of available reward chests will accumulate with each weekly reset. So the next time you clear a particular Chaos instance, you will receive all of the accumulated rewards!

Each boss can accumulate up to 10 equipment chests. In total, a maximum of 11 equipment chests can now be obtained from the same boss!

New Leveling Up Rewards

Check the "Get Stronger" button in the upper left corner of the screen. 

Here you can see all of the various ways your character can level up or otherwise raise their stats, which is very convenient for both new players and veterans of the game. Complete simple tasks, become stronger, and get valuable rewards at the same time!

Other Changes & Fixes

1. A new "Upcoming Events" tab has been added to the Chaos Crystal where you can view a comprehensive list of available events as well as check which ones will be held next. Additionally, you can now see an icon in the form of a battle horn next to your skill bar that will also display events that are about to start.
2. Tunby's Blessing Scroll can now be purchased from your class mentor in Vallund using Mentor's Recognition. It is useful for enhancing purple and gold equipment, obtained from Chaos instances. The scroll can only be used to upgrade 4-stars equipment whose power is at least 30 points lower than the current serverwide Chaos equipment power limit. Pay a visit to Master Arasal in Vallund to use the scroll, but remember that doing so will reroll its current stats.
3. Fixed the issue with a Lava Rift quest that is available during the last week of every month.
4. Previously reported Demon War functionality issues have been resolved.
5. The Starlight Forest arena fight quest has been excluded from the list of possible daily tasks.

Let’s put the Halloween cookie jar aside for a minute and press onward to conquer new horizons!


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