Become the best master in Terrasia



A fresh update has come to Terrasia. Let’s see what’s waiting for us. 

Random heroic instance

A new heroic instance has appeared in the Chaos Crystal - random. They are created so the low-level players can complete difficult instances with the help of the skilled ones. High-level players can become the masters and their wards - students

Masters can be of 2 levels. The first level masters can assist in the instances of 1-9 levels, and the second level masters - up to 15 level. 

Which role your character will perform in random heroic instances is determined by their spiritual and tactical levels. You can always check your level and rank in the description of random heroic instances. Selection starts automatically, just click “enter” button and, if needed, you can choose a proper role for 

the instance. If you are a student, you will have to insert a heroic instance key: the instance will be selected by the key. For a successful party formation it is necessary to have 4 masters and 1 student. If the selection takes more than 10 minutes, you can start your journey with only 3 masters.

If you manage to complete the instance in the fixed period of time - the student’s key will be updated. If not - the key will stay, however, the reward will still be sent. Of course, this specific instance is counted into the progress of the heroic instances chest. 

After successfully completed instance masters receive points that can be exchanged in the special shop for various rewards.

You can get up to 65 points per day. The shop updates at 5:00 AM server time 1st day each month. A student can leave likes to masters 4 times after the instance (1 time for every master). For each like master also gets 1 point.

After the instance the following quantity of points are granted:

Instance 1-4 level - 5 points
Instance 5-7 level - 7 points
Instance 8-9 level - 10 points
Instance 10-12 level - 12 points
Instance 13-15 level - 15 points


- The holidays are over in Vallund and the decorations are gone;
- Fixed the invisible map bug;
- Numerous GUI adjustments and localization errors fixes.

See you in the updated Terrasia!



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