A fresh update is here! What changes did it bring to the vast expanses of Terrasia?

More time to partake in activities!

By popular demand, more time slots have been added for various in-game activities. Many of the events that hitherto were only available in the evening will now be accessible during the day as well! As always, please refer to the Chaos Crystal or the in-game calendar to learn the exact date and time for any particular activity. Please also note that the max number of possible rewards wasn’t modified, meaning that it will not be possible to collect twice as much loot by participating in the same event multiple times on the same day.

Battle Pass

Join the ranks of Leonkur defenders!

Complete tasks to earn garrison experience and level up your Battle Pass. Click the corresponding battle by your character’s portrait in the upper left corner of the screen to access the event’s interface.

There are 125 levels in total and you will be rewarded for conquering every 5 of them. In addition to normal bounty, players can spend Elirs to unlock extra valuable loot, plus the earned Garrison points can be spent in a special store accessible from the same menu.

Battle Pass seasons correspond to Heroic instances seasons. Previously cleared levels will be reset upon the start of a new season, so don’t forget to spend the accumulated Garrison points in time!

Class store

Regular in-game activity will now yield a special kind of currency known as Mentor Recognition and useful for purchasing various items from the corresponding class mentor NPC in Vallund.

Mentor Recognition can be earned by visiting the class mentor, opening the ultimate daily activity chest, as well as for finishing Chaos instances. Please note that there is a limit on how much of this type of currency can be earned per day (100 Recognition) and per week (226 Recognition) from Chaos instances!

Mentor Recognition can be exchanged for useful items such as hero tokens, mercenary rewards, totems, secret tactics, etc.

Class mentors will now keep two stores each: Mentor Store that is restocked every Monday at 5:00 a.m. (server time) and Mentor Treasury that will hold more items the longer your character remains absent from the game.

Blessing Stone

Blessing Stones can now be acquired from the in-game store, allowing you to upgrade an item’s spirit up to level 15 without the risk of accidentally downgrading it with a failed attempt instead.

Starting location

A new tutorial questline has been introduced, allowing all newly created characters to immediately spawn in the capital city of Vallund.
However, if your character has been created before the current patch, their quests will be unaffected and they will still be able to finish the tutorials in Odom.

Priest class changes

Several adjustments have been made to Priest class abilities:
- Quick Healing MP cost has been reduced by 25%;
- Grace healing effectiveness has been increased by 20%;
- Mercy (Passive skill) will now heal up to 4 nearby allies (instead of 2) in a 40 meter radius (instead of 30) while the Hallowed Ground ability is active.

Normal instance bots

Bots can now be summoned to help clear normal difficulty instances. The option can be easily enabled or disabled according to player preference and the bots will not take up any unoccupied party slots. While activated, AI-controlled characters will help human adventurers conquer the current dungeon!

In-game store additions

Two new packs are now available under the “Gifts” section of the in-game store.

The Mentor Box contains 100 Mentor Recognition.

The Sparkling Wing Pack includes Mentor Tactics Guides and Mentor Spirit Guides depending on the server’s current level (the exact level will be included in the pack’s description).

Misc changes

- Fixed an issue that made it impossible to challenge opponents at the Savants’ arena in Starlight Forest;
- Fixed an issue with the incorrect reward included in the 28 days September gift;
- Multiple localization improvements and fixes.

Hurry up and log into the game today!


  • 06/09/2021

    Server maintenance on September 7

  • 15/08/2021

    Server maintenance on August 16

  • 19/07/2021

    Summer fever

  • 18/07/2021

    Server maintenance on July 19

  • 21/05/2021

    Soul Realm

  • 20/06/2021

    Server maintenance on June 21