Assassin class description


As long as there is light, there will always be shadows for Assassins to hide in, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. They will turn any fight into a dance of death, fatally poisoning those unlucky enough to survive the onslaught. Never challenge an Assassin to a duel if you value your life!

Difficulty: 4 out of 5
Role: phys. melee
Armor type: light

Assassins can focus either on a disguise, stealth, and furious strikes or on poisoning and exhausting the enemy. Their gameplay is largely based on accumulating points for performing combo attacks and subsequently spending them on powerful finishing moves.

Dancing in the shadows

This specialization boosts Assassin’s overall physical damage output, including damage done with auto-attacks. Having accumulated enough combo points with Quick Strike or Heart Strike, Assassin can then use one of the fearsome finishers at their disposal: Flurry of Blows, Shuriken, or Piercing Blow, which ignores armor.

Assassins have many tools for surviving and controlling the course of battle: they can instantly jump behind the enemy’s back, dispel speed debuffs, and use Stimulants, which increase energy production and replenish lost health.


With this specialization, Assassins can restore energy by attacking a poisoned target and greatly increase the effectiveness of skills that inflict damage over time. Fan of Knives and even auto-attacks of a Poisoner Assassin may cause the target to constantly lose health.

An experienced assassin always has the upper hand and often strikes with such quickness that leaves no chance for the opponent to use their own skills. Note that Paralyzing Blow stuns the target and damage dealt over time doesn’t interrupt its effect!

Assassin’s awakening skills allow you to throw ghostly shurikens and perform deadly AoE attacks, while the Mortal Shadow is copying your every maneuver!

With the unique ability to pick their battles and the privilege of dealing the first blow, expert Assassins have guaranteed tactical advantage over their foes. Their talent for Stealth allows Assassins to sneak up on target, and leave it no chance of victory with a single fatal stab in the back.

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