Keeper Pack

$ 64.99

Contains useful items and guarantees the access for the CBT of Eternal Magic. Also the owner will be able to access OBT 3 days before the official start. The items will be distributed after the start of OBT phase. Moreover, 2 CBT keys will be sent to the owner's e-mail. They can be gifted to other players.

Pack content:

Start playing 3 days earlier

Exclusive title

Closed Beta Access


Resurrection stone x10

Spirit stone lvl. 3 x5

Tactic manual x10

Explorer's amulet x20

Pendant reset crystal

Rare treasure map

Amplifying stone

Battle Wolf (pet)

Shadow Envoy (outfit)

Sunmane (mount)

Battle Wolf

It is dangerous to go hunting alone, take a wild beast with you.

Shadow Envoy (outfit)

Show off your style in the exclusive Keeper outfit!

Sunmane (mount)

The mythical king of beasts, you can navigate the expanses of Terrasia on, leaving behind a fiery trail.

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